" I am beyond thankful..."

I am beyond thankful to have found Randee and her postural alignment practice. After well over ten years of participating in numerous physical competitive sports (such as football, basketball, mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, and others), I started experiencing pain in my lower and upper back, shoulders, and legs. Even with my Exercise Science degree and passion for rehab, I was struggling to figure out the root of the problem. Within the first couple of visits, using her new software and decades of experience as a physical therapist, Randee was able to determine that my pains are a result of a rotation of my hips. She then explained that such rotation causes my entire body to be out of alignment, and thus, is causing all my pains and discomfort.


With just two weekly visits, along with doing my prescribed in-home exercises and stretches, I am now out of pain. Moreover, I can now also notice some increases in my athletic performance! Fixing problems may time some time, but with Randee its time well spent!


- Guy L. - FL -


Randee Goldstein Engelhard has been my physical therapist for a little over 3 months. She has recently completed the Egoscue treatment course in order to better treat her patients. Randee is a very qualified therapist who comes to our sessions on time, well prepared for treatment and with a smile and pleasant demeanor. Randee not only treats me during our session but has given me a series of exercises,(my own personal menu), which I am now implementing on my own. The goal of my therapy is that by improving the alignment of my 67 year old body, the pain and discomfort I experience, from osteoarthritis and spondylitis, will be diminished. Randee periodically takes pictures of my posture to detect improvement and she is continually updating my menu of exercises to better meet my needs. My comfort level in doing my exercises is also taken into consideration as we move towards my goal.


In the last three weeks, I have not needed to take any of my prescribed arthritis pain medication. I am assuming that this is due to my work with Randee. My sleep has not been interrupted by pain so my overall wellness has improved. My alignment therapy definitely seems to be working.


- Linda P. - FL -


Randee has been a great source of therapeutic healing. Struggling for years with chronic back and neck pain due to several herniations, she was able to help me find different solutions that relieved pain specific to me. Her knowledge of the Egoscue method combine with her background in physical therapy and passion has been a unique positive and truly been a healing transformational experience. With her help I have  guidance, knowledge and strength to achieve a pain free lifestyle. The Egoscue exercises are simple and efficient allowing me  progress comfortably day to day. Thank you for all your help.


- Claudia R. - FL -


Last year I did something to my back from lifting something heavy and I was in an incredible amount of pain. I worked as a bartender at the time and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to work all weekend due to the excruciating pain I was in. I wasn't able to bend forward or twist my trunk at all. Randee performed a very thorough examination on me and was quickly able to develop a unique exercise plan tailored to my specific condition. I am very well versed in a wide variety of exercises and I was not familiar with any of the techniques that were applied. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, however I felt immediate relief and as the day progressed I felt better and better. I was able to work that night with minimal discomfort and after continuing the exercises Randee gave me I felt completely better within a few days. Randee has years of experience and if you are having pain in your lower back and considering physical therapy, I highly recommend her!


- Bryan S. - FL -


Earlier in the year I was in a car accident and unfortunately herniated a disc in my lower back. My daily life started to revolve around my pain, as an engineering student and avid weight lifter this had a very negative impact on my life. After going to a few separate facilities, it was easy to see that a lot healthcare providers in the physical therapy and chiropractic field only see you as a dollar sign.


Fortunately, I was referred to Randee by a friend and she has helped me get my life back to what it used to be. After the eight weeks or so with Randee’s skype sessions I’m back to daily activities without having to think about when I’m going to have to stop them to manage my pain. My posture has improved significantly and I’m standing taller and stronger than before. All the exercises Randee has you perform have a reason behind them, they aren’t just hoops you are told to jump through to reach your goal. Randee will tailor a program specific for the imbalances in your body.


I could write an entire essay on how this woman has helped me but a few things I really liked were:


-Randee will always work with your schedule and is always available for questions.


-There is always a reason and information backing the exercises she has you do, if you don’t know ask and she will gladly explain.


- Randee’s sessions were always enjoyable, she is a pleasure to work with and they were something I always looked forward too.


-If things aren’t progressing the way you’d like them to or if you don’t find something enjoyable she will change your routine, Randee is great at addressing feedback.


- Patrick B.


Randee is Fantastic in every sense of the word!


I began to see Randee for post-surgical physical rehab. As a result of my surgery, I wasn't able to walk for about 2 months. Within days of beginning rehab, Randee has me moving around, and back at full strength shortly thereafter. I must attribute my entire recovery to Randee's amazing skills. Her vast knowledge of the human body and ability to integrate several techniques of rehabilitation is certainly the cause for my speedy recovery. I highly recommend Randee for any and all of your physical therapy and posture alignment needs!!


- Matt M .

 "She is professional and great at her job."

I had a second shoulder surgery in January and did my physical therapy with Randee. She took an all encompassing approach to my rehab. We worked on posture as well as specific shoulder exercises. This has been most beneficial to my overall recovery and I would highly recommend using Randee for PT and posture issues. She is professional and great at her job.

-  Jon M.

"She explained how each exercise would help a specific issue."

I  was having various issues with my back which was causing a lot of pain. After several visits to the orthopedist and epidurals to numb the pain, I decided to go for physical therapy.  I had met Randee in my yoga class and  when I spoke with her about my back issues she seemed very knowledgeable.  I decided to give it a try.  She turned out to be amazing!!! I had no idea that so many of my back problems stemmed from my body being out of alignment.

Randee showed me exercises which I did diligently, with her, and at home. She explained how each exercise would help a specific issue.

After several sessions, I was feeling so much better!  I was able to go back to yoga with a different mindset,  be aware of my alignment.

When I completed my individual work with Randee.  I signed up for her alignment classes.  They too, were so helpful. I walked out of class, not only feeling good, but feeling like I really learned something.

Randee is always available to answer any questions.  She’s truly genuine, and will go out of her way to make sure the exercises work well for you..


Thank you, Randee

- Joan K







Posture Alignment Specialist

Licensed Physical Therapist


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